cervical pain

Cervical Pain: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment & Home Remedies

Cervical Pain

To understand cervical pain, it is important to first know about cervical. It is the neck region of the backbone or spinal column. It is majorly comprised of the first seven bones (C1-C7). The structures that are around the cervical spine are nerves, muscles, intervertebral disks, the spinal cord, ligaments, and tendons. These all provide support to the neck and allows mobility. The cervical discs help in absorbing the shock. Any inflammation, injury or abnormality could lead to neck stiffness or pain. 

Cervical osteoarthritis or spondylolysis is a condition that encompasses changes in discs, joints, or bones that are connected to the neck and causes cervical pain. The major reason for the pain is wear and tear of bones, ligaments, and cartilage which are mostly found in older people. However, there are several other factors too and thus occur in adults as well. Neck stiffness and pain are its main symptoms. The severity of pain varies and according to that treatment methods also vary. Physical therapy; heat, massage, ice; the soft collar is some of the approaches that are used to treat it.

As there is no permanent treatment to cure this condition without having any side effects, do not worry as Kayakalya nature cure is there to help you in curing this condition by using natural methods. We provide proven and age-old naturopathy treatments that will help you in healing your cervical pain and also other related problems. 

Causes for Cervical Pain 

  • Injury- An inflammation or injury in the spine region is one of the main reasons for cervical pain. 
  • Herniated discs- It happens when cracks develop in spinal discs. Because of these spinal cracks, internal cushioning material leaks out which leads to pressurize on the spinal cords and nerves which leads to pain and numbness in the arms. 
  • Overuse of neck- Everyday work of some people that includes intense movement of the neck puts high pressure on it sometimes resulting in neck pain. The work includes physical as well as desk jobs where improper posture might be a problem. Improper mattress structure and bad sitting arrangements are also the cause of cervical pain
  • Bone spurs- Overgrowth of bone results in this type of condition in which a little pressure results in severe cervical pain. 
  • Dehydrated spinal discs- Discs that are present between the spine could dry out and rubbing it could cause severe cervical pain.

cervical pain

Risk Factors of Cervical Pain

  • Being overweight and inactive 
  • Genetic factors 
  • Smoking 
  • Aging 
  • Neck injuries 
  • The improper posture of the neck for a longer period. 

Symptoms of Cervical Pain 

Generally, cervical pain is in and around the neck and shoulder region. Some of the symptoms are: 

  • Tingling and numbness in hands, arms, feet, and legs as there are interconnected with cervical nerves. 
  • Abnormal reflexes of legs and hands 
  • Muscle spasms 
  • Neck stiffness
  • Fever 
  • Tenderness 
  • Throat pain 
  • Headache at the back 
  • Difficulty in doing casual activities and walking because of the lack of control and coordination.

Preventive Measures for Cervical Spondylosis

  • Do not put high pressure on the spinal region by maintaining a proper posture of the neck. 
  • Take proper breaks in between work.  
  • Do not lift heavy things on the neck or shoulder region. 
  • Swimming is the very best exercise for the arms and neck muscles which helps in dealing with this condition. 
  • Massage of the neck region and shoulder also helps in this condition. 

Home Remedies for Cervical Pain 

It is very important to analyze the root cause of cervical pain a person is suffering. Severe pain requires immediate consultation with doctors or therapists whereas mild cervical pain could be cured by home remedies such as; 

  • Applying an ice pack or heat pad provides a sense of relief in the spinal region. 
  • There are several exercises to cure cervical pain that are also very efficient to treat it permanently. But it is very important to take proper guidance from professionals first. 
  • A soft neck collar is something that provides support to the neck and also minimizes neck movement which reduces the chance of further damage to discs and cartilage. 

cervical pain

Treatment At The Naturopathy Center 

Kayakalya nature cure center helps you in treating this disease by using natural methods and therapies. We first analyze the root cause of pain and also provide a proper counseling session in which what to do and what not are all included. Our therapist will provide proper guidance on cervical pain exercises. Kayakalya nature cure ensures that you will experience improvement in your cervical pain by providing you with proper therapies and exercises.

There are several simple yoga sans which is very beneficial in treating cervical pain such as Matsyasana, Surya namaskar, Ardha Salbhaasana, Makarasana, and many others. If you are experiencing severe pain then it is suggested to first visit our center where you will get proper counseling and natural treatment. Different yoga posture is there for a different type of cervical pain. 

A healthy diet and lifestyle play a very important role in treating cervical pain. At Kayakalya nature cure you will get a customized diet chart prepared by a doctor which will help in meeting all the specific dietary requirements. Neem, sesame oil, ginger, cayenne pepper, and garlic are some of the important diet inclusions which help in relieving pain and are also beneficial for health. 

Massage therapy is the best way to treat cervical spondylosis. Kayakalya nature cure has an experienced therapist which offers a therapeutic and rejuvenating massage that helps to relieve muscle spasms and proper movement of muscles. The therapists of our center are highly skilled and know the exact points to be rubbed to release out the pain.

Kayakalya Nature Cure also provides several other naturopathy treatments that will help you out in healing without any side effects. If you are experiencing severe pain of cervical then just don’t let it bother you, just visit the Kayakalya Nature Cure center in Udaipur, which is one of the finest naturopathy centers. We ensure you provide the Best cervical pain natural treatment in udaipur.

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