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What Causes Hepatomegaly? Symptoms & Natural Treatments

What is Hepatomegaly?

Hepatomegaly is a condition of the enlarged liver which is swollen from its usual size. The liver performs several important functions such as purification of blood by removing harmful chemicals and toxins that are present in the body. It also helps in breaking down fat with the help of bile juice. Enlarged liver is the symptom of a health condition like hepatitis. Consumption of alcohol, an unhealthy lifestyle, and increasing exposure to chemicals and toxins are some of the main reasons for this condition. There are several conventional treatments and medications that help in healing this condition but have many side effects. It is highly advised that you choose natural treatments for hepatomegaly, such as naturopathy treatments. Kayakalya nature cure is one of the best naturopathy centers in Udaipur.


  • Feeling of fullness
  • Discomfort in belly
  • Yellowness in eyes and skin
  • Nausea
  • Jaundice
  • Poor appetite
  • Easy bruising
  • Weight loss
  • Weakness and weight loss

naturopathy treatments in udaipur

Causes of Hepatomegaly

Some of the causes that make the liver enlarged or swollen are as follows:

Fatty liver or inflammation could be because of:

  • Obesity
  • Medications or alcohol
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Toxins
  • Genetic disorders that produce more fat and protein
  • Metabolic syndrome (it includes the group of risk factors that are responsible for heart diseases such as blood sugar, blood pressure, belly fat, and cholesterol levels)
  • Infection (for example hepatitis).

Unusual growth could be because of:

  • Tumor in liver
  • Cysts

Problems inflow of blood could lead to:

  • Hepatic vein thrombosis: a blockage in veins of liver
  • Veno-occlusive disease: a blockage in the small veins of liver
  • Congestive heart failure

Risk Factors

Some of the risk factors of hepatomegaly are:

  • Consumption of alcohol and smoking on the daily basis.
  • Infection caused by parasite, virus, or bacteria.
  • Intake of medications, vitamins, and other supplements in heavy amounts.
  • Consumption of herbal supplements like ma huang, valerian, and black cohosh.
  • Obesity or overweight.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle such as high consumption of fatty or oily food on daily basis.

Home Remedies

  • Aloe vera: The pulp of aloe vera leaf is mixed with ginger and black salt. Intake of this mixture in the morning for 10 days helps in treating this condition.
  • Amla: 300 gm of amla mixed with 100 gm of ginger powder. It should be taken with warm water twice a day.
  • Bitter gourd: Small amount of salt mixed with the juice of a bitter gourd is very helpful in improving the condition.
  • Chicory juice: Obtained from seeds, flowers, and roots of chicory.
  • Dandelion root: Tea prepared from the dandelion root is highly effective in healing the enlarged liver.
  • Haritaki: Equal proportions of powder of Terminalia chebula mixed with jaggery should be taken twice a day with warm water for at least 1.5 months.
  • Kantakari: It is highly effective in the treatment of hepatosplenomegaly.
  • Lemon juice: It helps in reducing the inflammation of the liver as it is rich in vitamin C and many other antioxidants.
  • Onion: it is diuretic in nature and has cleaning properties. It helps in the detoxification of the liver and also reduces inflammation and swelling of the liver.
  • Tamarind tea: It is a natural detoxifying agent and helps in reducing swelling and inflammation of the liver.
  • Papaya, green tea, and orange juice are also used to reduce the inflammation of the liver.

Naturopathy Treatment For Hepatomegaly

In today’s world, everyone consumes processed foods and is exposed to a toxic environment. The liver is the one that helps in removing the toxins and chemicals from the body but because of excess intake of fatty foods, and exposure to toxins leads to inflammation in the liver which results in its damage. Some of the naturopathic suggestions that help in improving the functioning of the liver are:

Healthy diet: Fruits and vegetables are highly beneficial for improving the functioning of the liver as they are antioxidants in nature. The addition of seeds, nuts, legumes, and whole grains in a healthy diet helps in providing additional vitamin B to the body and improves the metabolic and enzymatic processes of the liver.

Herbal medicines: Hepatic herbs such as milk thistle, dandelion root, rosemary, goldenseal, artichoke, and Schisandra have several properties that help in protecting and repairing the liver from any kind of damage and also optimize its function by enhancing its metabolic and enzymatic processes of detoxification. It is better to take advice from experts before taking these.

Yoga: It is highly beneficial for both the body and mind as well. Some of the important yogasanas are Salabhasana, Mandukasana, Balasana, Svanasana, Adho Mukha, Bhujangasana and Naukasana. These all are helpful in improving the strength of the liver. Regular practice of yoga could help in eliminating fat deposits and toxins.

Naturopathy therapies: Kayakalya nature cure center provides natural therapies that are highly beneficial in improving the condition of hepatomegaly. Some of the natural therapies that are used to treat the inflammation of the liver are enema, colon hydrotherapy, mud pack, hip bath, mud bath, cold and hot fomentation, abdominal pack, and castor oil pack.

Kayakalya nature cure center is one of the finest naturopathy centers in Udaipur. Our center provides the best natural treatments for hepatomegaly by first identifying and analyzing the cause of the condition. An interactive counseling session is appointed individually to every patient. It helps in understanding the medical history and lifestyle routines of the patient.

According to this session, an effective treatment is planned for the patient. Highly experienced therapists of Kayakalya Nature Cure provide highly effective therapies that help in improving the functioning of the liver and also reduce the inflammation of the liver. Several yoga exercises are also prescribed to the patient which could be performed at home. Many patients are treated efficiently by our therapists, if you are someone who is experiencing this condition, then visit us. We will provide full guidance and an efficient treatment method to you.


  • Following healthy lifestyles
  • Maintaining of weight
  • Control in blood sugar level
  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol
  • Avoid intake of supplements without any prescription
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