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Varicose Vein – Symptoms, Causes, Home Remedies, Treatment

Varicose Vein 

The varicose vein is a condition in which veins get enlarged and twisted. It could happen to any vein that is close to the skin. Mostly it appears on feet and legs. Generally, they are benign in nature as for many people it is just a cosmetic concern but, in some people, it causes discomfort and aching pain which could lead to serious problems. Treatment for this condition includes therapies and exercises, provided by some experts.

There are several home remedies that also help in improving this condition. If you are facing problems because of this condition then just prefer natural methods to treat it as there are no side effects in them. Kayakalya nature cure is there for you to provide an efficient treatment to cure this condition completely without any side effects. 


  • Heavy or achy pain in the legs. 
  • The appearance of dark blue or purple color of the vein. 
  • Veins that are bulging or twisted appear like cords on the feet and legs. 
  • Change of skin color around that part. 
  • Throbbing, burning, swelling, and muscle cramping in the lower leg. 
  • Worsened pain after standing or sitting for a long time without changing any position. 
  • Itching around the veins. 


Varicose vein occurs when veins experience high blood pressure in them. Veins only have one way to flow which helps in preventing the backflow of blood. But sometimes because of high pressure or any other reason the blood starts collecting rather than flowing back to the heart which leads to the enlargement of veins. It commonly affects the leg partly because it is farthest from the heart and gravity makes it very difficult for the blood to move in an upward direction. Damaged or weak valves could also lead to this condition as is observed in aged people. 

varicose vein

Risk Factors 

Some of the factors that increase the chance of getting varicose vein are as follows: 

  • Age – Aging could be one of the reasons as it weakens or damages the valves in the veins that help in controlling the blood flow. Sometimes it leads to backflow of some of the blood where it gets collected.
  • Sex – It is observed that women have more chance of experiencing this condition than men. In women, there is always hormonal changes going on for example before the menstrual period, during pregnancy, during menopause, and many other. It increases the chances as the hormones of women relax the walls of the vein. Several treatments that include hormonal imbalance such as birth control pills also increase the chance of getting this condition.
  • Pregnancy– During this period, the volume of the blood increases in the body which sometimes leads to enlarging of veins in the legs and enhances the chance of getting a varicose vein.
  • Family history– If the family members of a person are having this problem, then there is a high chance for that person too.
  • Obesity– Being overweight puts high pressure on the veins which leads to the varicose vein.
  • Sitting or standing in one position for a long time– A change in position and movement of the body helps in the blood flow. 

Home Remedies and Lifestyle for Varicose Vein

Some of the home remedies to cure varicose veins are as follows: 

  • Exercise: Movement is very important to reduce the chances of having this condition. Exercise improves the blood flow in the feet and legs. It also improves the overall health condition of a person.
  • Manage weight: Excess weight puts extra pressure on the veins of the legs which could lead to the varicose vein. Exercise helps in reducing weight. 
  • Avoid salt: Prefer a low-salt diet which helps in preventing swelling that is caused due to water retention.
  • Choose proper footwear: Wear only low-heeled shoes or flats and avoid heels as it puts more pressure on the feet.
  • Avoid tight clothing: Tight-fitting clothes around the waist, legs, and groin could reduce the flow of blood.
  • Avoid staying in one position for a long time: Short breaks are very important during working hours in which movement of the legs helps improve the blood flow. 

Naturopathy Treatment 

At Kayakalya nature cure, the main motive of varicose vein treatment is to enhance the integrity and strength of blood vessels, increase blood flow and reduce pain.

Several other allopathic treatments for Varicose vein are surgery, compression stockings, and various other vein destruction techniques which have several side effects and also sounds very scary. So, it is better to prefer naturopathy treatment as it provides permanent results with no side effects. 

varicose vein

Kayakalya Naturopathy Center Provides Treatments that Include Several Steps Such as: 

  • Identifying the problems and then specifying the treatment method for that particular patient is the very first step of our naturopathy center. 
  • A good counseling session is appointed to the patient which helps in understanding their problem in detail and also establishes an interaction between patient and doctor. It also helps in identifying the lifestyle and routine of the patient.
  • Development of a proper treatment plan in which proper therapies and diet charts are included. The main aim is to improve the blood flow in veins and reduce pain.
  • There are several reasons for these conditions so every patient gets treatment according to their condition, for e.g, if a person is experiencing varicose veins because of being overweight, then our doctors will provide a treatment to reduce the weight simultaneously with the therapies for the condition itself.
  • Kayakalya nature cure has experienced therapist which provide efficient therapies and also provide proper guidance on exercise at home.
  • Several herbal or botanical medicines are also prescribed by doctors to improve the condition. Acupuncture therapies and detoxification processes are also used to treat the condition. 

Kayakalya nature cure in Udaipur is one of the finest naturopathy centers as it provides efficient treatment without any side effects. If you are experiencing pain because of varicose veins then just visit the Kayakalya nature cure center to get magnificent results. 


Improving the flow of blood and reducing the pressure on the vein minimizes the risk of getting a varicose vein. There are some preventive measures that could be used to prevent it, such as, 

  • Avoiding tight hosiery and high heels
  • Changing the standing and sitting positions at regular intervals 
  • Eating a low-salt and high-fiber diet
  • Exercise 
  • Raising the legs while lying or sitting down 
  • Reduce the overweight 
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