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Relaxation and other methods of stress management

Better health begins with Nature
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KayaKalya Nature Cure

Better health begins with Nature

Kayakalya Nature Cure is a leading naturopathy center in Udaipur which has been successfully treating patients for years. We are known for providing an entirely unique experience for our patients without using any drugs. Besides, we offer detoxification, integrated treatment programs, wellness programs for specific health issues. We focus on healing different kinds of diseases and pain while giving guidelines on how to maintain health thereafter. We have a team of highly qualified doctors and certified therapists who strive to serve you at best.

We at Kayakalya Nature Cure provide various treatments like NaturopathyPanchkarmaPhysiotherapyAcupressureSpecial TherapyYoga & Meditation and Diet Therapy. We also offer prevention and cure for chronic diseases through body detoxification and lifestyle modification with a holistic approach. Naturopathy has proven successful in healing both chronic and acute diseases. We have a highly-professional team of doctors, therapists, and dieticians who leverage decades of experience to create personalized wellness routines catered to your need

Treated Diseases

Gastrointestinal Disease

Respiratory Disease

Musculo Skeleton Disease

Metabolic Disorder


Skin Disease

Gynecological Disease

Psychosomatic Disorder

Neurological Disorder

Cardiovascular Disorder

KayaKalya Treatments

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KayaKalya is led by a kind and patient doctor and a team of competent and well-trained therapists. Through panchakarma, my back and knee pain was completely healed. It is excellent for stress management too. Completely rejuvenates the body and mind.


An excellent and unique center for holistic healing. Enjoyed this therapy and enrolled for three more. Observed a lot of health benefits all muscle pains completely vanished and body & skin was rejuvenated.


I had major pain in L4-L5. For a long time, I took treatment from Dr Priyanka, which helped me to get relax from pain, and now I am enjoying my normal lifestyle.


KayaKalya Nature Cure is amazing. It’s a nice place for face and hair therapy.


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